Friday, June 28, 2013

RayTracer for iOS! [4th version: Multi-thread + iPad]

A new version of my RayTracer is available for iOS! Now it has a multi-threaded renderer (it might run faster on your device), and iPad is now supported.

It is also possible to create images with a user-defined dimension (bigger or smaller than the screen).

Monday, June 24, 2013

RayTracer for iOS! [new version!]

Now it is possible to edit the scene file inside the app! I hope you like it...

UPDATE: New version: Now it is possible to save your resulting image! iTunes File-Sharing is now enabled too!

Friday, June 14, 2013

RayTracer for iOS!

After one night of work (from 11 pm to 4 am), I finally ported my RayTracer to iOS! This version of my RayTracer is still very incomplete and there's still a lot of work to do (mainly in the user interface), but I am still learning how to program in Objective-C (I only watched 4 classes of that online iOS course from Stanford University), so I think porting this program is a good start for me!



iPad version coming soon! There are some performance issues to be dealt with before I can release this version...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some of my work for University - Part 1

As I approach the end of my Computer Science course, I will post some of the work I did for university. Feel free to reuse some of my code (for academic purposes ONLY!), but remember to give me credit for it (citing my name and a reference to this blog would be nice :-) ).

Ceres Shell (University of São Paulo - Operating Systems II - 2011)

Description: Simple shell program similar to sh, with Ceres programming language as its script language.
OS: Linux, and OS X.
Requires: -
Language: Portuguese

RollerCoaster (Dalhousie University - Computer Animation - 2012)

Description: Roller coaster simulator programmed in C with OpenGL (uses Uniform B-Spline curves for the roller coaster generation).
OS: Linux, and OS X.
Requires: GLUT (OpenGL)
Language: English

Physics (Physically based animation) (Dalhousie University - Advanced Computer Animation - 2013)

Description: Physically based animation programmed in C with OpenGL (using quaternions, laws of motion, and numerical integration).
OS: Linux, and OS X.
Requires: GLUT (OpenGL),  LAPACK, and BLAS.
Language: English

I will post more soon, I hope you like it!

P.S.: I moved back to Brazil after 8 months living in Canada!