Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some of my work for University - Part 1

As I approach the end of my Computer Science course, I will post some of the work I did for university. Feel free to reuse some of my code (for academic purposes ONLY!), but remember to give me credit for it (citing my name and a reference to this blog would be nice :-) ).

Ceres Shell (University of São Paulo - Operating Systems II - 2011)

Description: Simple shell program similar to sh, with Ceres programming language as its script language.
OS: Linux, and OS X.
Requires: -
Language: Portuguese

RollerCoaster (Dalhousie University - Computer Animation - 2012)

Description: Roller coaster simulator programmed in C with OpenGL (uses Uniform B-Spline curves for the roller coaster generation).
OS: Linux, and OS X.
Requires: GLUT (OpenGL)
Language: English

Physics (Physically based animation) (Dalhousie University - Advanced Computer Animation - 2013)

Description: Physically based animation programmed in C with OpenGL (using quaternions, laws of motion, and numerical integration).
OS: Linux, and OS X.
Requires: GLUT (OpenGL),  LAPACK, and BLAS.
Language: English

I will post more soon, I hope you like it!

P.S.: I moved back to Brazil after 8 months living in Canada!

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